"Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties"

I recently found Dan Carter Beard's classic: Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties. This profusely illustrated book gives clear and easy to follow directions on how to build over fifty shelters, shacks and shanties, ranging from the most primitive shelters to a fully equipped log cabin. You will find it an invaluable guide in constructing temporary or permanent shelters. This would also be a great resource for the boy scouts in your family. In fact, Dan Carter Beard was one of the founders of the Boy Scouts Of America.


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Home Improvement
My Shed Plans
Ryan Henderson shows you exactly how to start building wooden sheds and woodwork projects easily, so that you're fully up and running, creating remarkable outdoor garden sheds and woodwork projects for your loved ones within days from now.
DeClutter Fast
You open your door to a neighbor or friend. She walks in your home. Here and there during your conversation, she casually looks around and takes in the state of your home. If your home is in great shape, you feel fine. You feel proud. But if it's a mess, you shrink inside. You feel embarrassed. You berate yourself for not making the room look good, as you had planned a hundred times to do but never did.
Pergola and Sun Trellis Plans
Now you can simply build a pergola yourself over the weekend and start enjoying your yard again. Or you can hire a local handyman to follow the simple step-by-step plans and instructions. Either way, you are sure to save a ton of money.

Ted's Woodwoking
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Who else wants instant access to more than 15,000 woodworking plans & designs to ensure that their next project runs silky smooth with absolutely no problems whatsoever?
The Complete Intarsia Manual
Three of the world's best-known intarsians set out to produce a practical, easy-to-use, interactive manual so you could get out there quicker and be making intarsia better. The result is The Complete Intarsia Manual and whether you're an experienced woodworker who needs help with the finer points - or you're just starting out with the fascinating art of intarsia and don't know one end of a scroll saw from the other - this book will prove invaluable.

AquaponicsAquaponics 4 You
Break-Through Organic Gardening Secret Grows You Up To 10 Times The Plants, In Half The Time, With Healthier Plants, While the "Fish" Do All the Work...
Food 4 WealthFood4Wealth
Your Food4Wealth garden is a natural habitat that is made up of edible plants, and it's far easier than creating a traditional vegetable garden. It will only take a few hours and many of the materials you require can be gathered for free. Once this amazing ecosystem is set up you will be able to harvest fresh organic food every single day. It will literally save you thousands of dollars per year. The Food4Wealth 80 page instruction manual comes with over 60 minutes of comprehensive video tutorials.
Organic Tomato MagicOrganic Tomato Magic
Kacper Postawski's grandfather, Stan, supported his family growing tomatoes. People came from all around to buy the thousands of pounds of tomatoes he produced each year. Kacper reveals three of the secrets he learned from his grandfather, which he included in his best seller Organic Tomato Magic.

Discover The Easiest Way To Create The Landscape Design You've Been Dreaming About... With More Than 4,250 Breathtaking Landscaping Ideas
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How To Create Your Own Geodesic Dome Green House And Have Your Own 'Organic Food Factory' Providing You and Your Family With Incredible Food, Year Round, Even In The Dead of Winter!
The Hypertufa How-To Manual
Finally, an all inclusive step-by-step information resource to help you produce beautiful, long lasting hypertufa troughs, planters, totems, spheres — just about anything you can think of. Your imagination is your only limitation! You can learn to be creative using the peat-moss based recipe called Hypertufa.

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Capture the joy of painting and creating things of beauty with your own gorgeous oil painting. An oil painting that you create following this step by step technique, and once learned, can be repeated over and over again so you'll enjoy a lifetime of artistic freedom in creating many more masterpieces.
A Walk Into AbstractA Walk Into Abstract
Aren’t you curious how artists do what they do and might want to try it? People need to know what it feels like to make a painting that way. The reason people want to read how abstract artists make their paintings is so they can try to do it themselves, but differently.
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500 Scrapbooking Sketches
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Candy Bouquet Business
Candy Arrangements are floral like edible creations that are not only beautiful but also delicious. People want to surprise their loved ones with unique gifts (not just box of sweets or flowers) and a candy bouquet is the answer. It makes a recipient feel really special. Almost all kids and adults love candy and always welcome candy bouquet gifts. Your candy bouquet gift will be a hit!
Candle Making At Home
From dying your candles to brilliant & vibrant colors, to scenting them for the fragrances that will keep your customers begging you for more, time & time again... You are going to easily learn everything you need to know...
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Home Improvement Projects
Home Improvement
I bought our first house with and unfinished second story. I worked busily for a few months before our child was born to build the entire upstairs. I made a hallway with built-in bookshelves, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a studio for myself.

Woodworking Projects
This is one of my life's passions. I started designing and building furniture more than thirty years ago. If there was one instance that prepared me to design furniture and eventually design buildings, was when I built my first...

Gardening Projects
Dad was always bringing fruit for us to eat and plant the seeds. Fruit that was rare to me, like pomegranate or sweet lemons or gigantic avocados became common in our house. There were always hundreds of little black bags of dirt with germinating seeds that we had to water everyday. I wish now I had had a greater appreciation of what my father was doing...

Landscaping Projects
Working in architecture and engineering firms for the last 30 years, I have been exposed, not only to commercial landscaping, but also to the specific needs of homeowners, who are particularly creative in designing the outdoors.

Claywork Projects
When I moved to Alabama, it didn't take me long to literally run into some 'red Georgia clay.' I remembered the underground kiln my father had made at the farm to make bricks for his projects. Even in my courses in Architecture we studied and experimented with clay.

Art Projects
Regardless of what kind of work I was doing, my true passion has always been art. Art brings me to the basics of creativity, where you almost have to create something from nothing. All projects in this website are creative, but the idea of an empty canvas puts great demands on your creativity.

Crafts Projects
I spent years participating in arts and crafts fairs. Each time I went, and as soon as I would finish setting up my displays, I would start walking around looking at what everyone else had brought. I would always be encouraged to be more and more creative...

Amateur Gardencraft

The home that affords the most pleasure to its owner is the one which is largely the result of personal effort in the development of its possibilities. The "ready-made home," if I may be allowed the expression, may be equally as comfortable, from the standpoint of convenience,—and possibly a great deal more so,—but it invariably lacks the charm which invests the place that has developed under our own management, by slow and easy stages, until it seems to have become part of ourselves.

Acient Pottery

The material employed in manufacture embraced clay in all grades of refinement, from coarse loamy earths to the refined slips used in surface finish. The tempering materials—used in greater or lesser quantity according to the character of the vessel to be made—consisted of shell, sand, and potsherds reduced to various degrees of pulverulence.

Beautiful gardens

A world without flowers! What would it be? Among those who know, such a question needs no answer—and we are not seeking a reply from the uninitiated who, for lack of understanding and sympathy, can but gaze at us with wondering pity, when our gardens cause us to overlook so much that to them means life.

Cottage Building

The country is faced by a dilemma probably greater and more poignant than any with which it has hitherto had to deal. It needs, and needs at once, a million new houses, and it has not only utterly inadequate stores of material with which to build them, but has not even the plant by which that material can be rapidly created. There is not merely a shortage, but an actual famine everywhere as regards the things out of which houses are made.